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Questions Vendors Frequently Ask

How can I get my company products and/or services listed on Peertelligent?

If your product or service belongs in one of our listed categories, please email us at Your designated contact will receive a template to complete. Once we receive your completed template, your vendor profile including the product(s) and service(s) listed will be added to the directory. If your product category and/or service is not listed, please email us at

There is no cost to have your company product(s) and/or service(s) listed on Peertelligent. IMPORTANT: if your product is not a professional grade business application or service for higher education, your product will not be listed.

How do I claim and edit my listing?

To update your company and product(s) and/or service(s) profile, please complete contact us at The information that you submit will be reviewed by our Research Team prior to publication. We include this review step to ensure that the company products and services listings remain objective and factual. Marketing materials may be edited at the discretion of the Research Team. As you can see, this is different from the traditional concept of “claiming a listing” as you might find on general rating and review sites. On Peertelligent, you do not “claim” your listing, and you do not have access to an administrative console which allows you to freely edit your listing. However, we welcome and strongly encourage any input that you provide to us, and we’ll make sure that it gets reflected on your listing.


In addition to submitting your listing, vendors are encouraged to schedule briefings at least once annually. Briefings may be scheduled by contacting In order to confirm a briefing, you must first submit a company profile and confirm/update it on an annual basis prior to annual briefings.

How does the review process work (quality control and timing)?

The Tambellini Group is committed to ensuring that our content is authentic, and of the highest possible value to our members. Therefore, we take the following steps:

  1. We authenticate every reviewer. Every reviewer is authenticated as a higher education employee and that their institution has selected the product which they are reviewing. We prohibit vendors from accessing the site in order to protect the privacy of our members and to prevent vendors from reviewing their own product or those of a competitor.

  2. We guide reviewers with a series of criteria for ratings. We believe that quality insights are best garnered through prompting reviewers with a series of criteria. Reviewers also have the ability to add content to support or clarify their review.

  3. Every review is vetted prior to publication. Every review is “held” for review by a researcher prior to publication. We check the review for comprehensibility, completeness and balance, identifying reviews that are either overly positive or negative without clarification/substantiation. We cannot/do not assess the validity of the facts because we can’t possibly have expertise in all of the products being reviewed. For incomplete or unbalanced reviews, we will contact the reviewer and ask for clarification of the review. We may ask reviewers to expand or otherwise modify their reviews prior to publication. In some cases, we may publish a review and prompt a reviewer to expand in key areas post publishing. Depending on whether we need to interface with the reviewer, it can take from a few minutes to a few days for a review to go from “submitted” to “published”.

  4. A reviewer can update or augment his/her review at any time. In order to ensure that reviews remain relevant, we enable and encourage reviewers to update or add to their review over time. We maintain an audit history of changes made by reviewers.

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