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Ratings – General Information

The Tambellini Group is committed to ensuring that the content on the Peertelligent site is unbiased, authentic, and of the highest possible value to our members. Therefore, we provide two types of ratings and reviews:

TTG Vendor ScoreTM

The TTG Vendor ScoreTM is an unbiased rating based upon analysis of primary and secondary data collected by The Tambellini Group researchers. The TTG Vendor ScoreTM is published in order to provide an unbiased analysis of vendors from a company perspective and not that of individual products (software or service offerings). The research is reviewed and rated against criteria determined by The Tambellini Group. In order to provide a substantial and balanced review and rating, vendors are categorized and rated against a standard set of criteria that is pertinent to that category.

The Tambellini Group is an independent market research and consultancy firm not aligned with any vendor, technology or industry group and does not advise subscribers to make any particular vendor selection. The ratings are meant to inform members regarding particular strengths, weaknesses and risks related to vendors receiving a score. The TTG Vendor Score TM does not imply that a vendor solution is or is not the best solution for a particular situation. The TTG Vendor Score TM consists of the opinions of The Tambellini Group’s research organization and those opinions are based on a combination of research and experience with the vendor. TTG disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this score, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

User Ratings

User ratings are for individual products (software and services) and are the opinions of the actual users/customers of the product or service We take the following steps to ensure the integrity and validity of reviews:

  1. We authenticate every reviewer. Every reviewer is authenticated as a higher education employee and that their institution has selected the product which they are reviewing. We prohibit vendors from accessing the site in order to protect the privacy of our members and to prevent vendors from reviewing their own product or those of a competitor.

  2. We guide reviewers with a series of criteria for ratings. We believe that quality insights are best garnered through prompting reviewers with a series of criteria. Reviewers also have the ability to add content to support or clarify their review.

  3. Every review is vetted prior to publication. Every review is “held” for review by a researcher prior to publication. We check the review for comprehensibility, completeness and balance, identifying reviews that are either overly positive or negative without clarification/substantiation. We cannot/do not assess the validity of the facts because we can’t possibly have expertise in all of the products being reviewed. For incomplete or unbalanced reviews, we will contact the reviewer and ask for clarification of the review. We may ask reviewers to expand or otherwise modify their reviews prior to publication. In some cases, we may publish a review and prompt a reviewer to expand in key areas post publishing. Depending on whether we need to interface with the reviewer, it can take from a few minutes to a few days for a review to go from “submitted” to “published”.

  4. A reviewer can update or augment his/her review at any time. In order to ensure that reviews remain relevant, we enable and encourage reviewers to update or add to their review over time. We maintain an audit history of changes made by reviewers.

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