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This site is a must have resource for higher education technology decision makers and influencers to get the information they need to make informed technology decisions in order to help mitigate business and financial risks and reduce the cost of education. The current approach to higher education technology procurements is timely and costly. Higher education technology decision makers spend too much time trying to cut through vendor jargon, reading outdated and biased analyst reports, sifting through emails, searching for peers with similar issues, and sitting through vendor presentations.

We seek to support higher education technology decision makers by capturing, validating and sharing collective wisdom and experiences in a private, vendor free zone. Combining knowledge sharing with independent market research and analysis from The Tambellini Group, we will help higher education cut through the vendor hype in order to level the playing field between the institutions and the vendors.

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About The Tambellini Group

The Tambellini Group (TTG) is an independent higher education market research and consultancy firm not aligned with any vendor, technology or industry group. All research is self-funded and never vendor sponsored.

Since 2001, The Tambellini Group has been helping institutions save millions of dollars when contracting for software and services with top vendors.

TTG also manages the world’s largest database of higher education technology selections. As of May 2015, the database contains technology profiles for more than 18,900 global institutions.

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To support higher education technology decision makers to make well informed education technology decisions. We seek to support education technology decision makers learning from their peers to find better solutions, implement them more effectively, and share best practices in a secure site that filters vendor marketing jargon with independent analysis of vendors. We aim to bring efficiencies to both the buying and selling process, thereby allowing a level playing field between institutions and vendors. Providing insight, analysis, and access to unbiased research will help mitigate financial and business risks related to education technology decisions in higher education. In fulfilling our mission, we seek to give back and to help make this world a better place.


Nothing is possible without great people to make things happen. You'll find our community to be honest, knowledgeable and outspoken. We're especially proud of our team at The Tambellini Group. Our team is dedicated to helping higher education, and each member has years if not decades of higher ed experience.

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